Doki is a Mexican-Canadian-Brazilian animated series which premiered on Discovery Kids in Latin America. The TV series was produced by Portfolio Entertainment in Canada in association with Discovery Kids in Latin America. In September 1, 2014, Doki finally had its first English broadcast on Qubo in the United States. It occurred after one year being shown in Discovery Familia in Spanish.

During its premiere in Latin America in Discovery Kids, Doki is a popular animated series and is viewed by millions of viewers.


Doki is a puppy who goes on an expedition around the world to explore unique sightseeing spots. Doki has five friends named Fico, Otto, Gabi, Mundi, and Anabella. Doki and his friends go on a seaplane to travel all around the world to discover unique places.


Team DokiEdit

  • Doki, a curious puppy whose love of adventures makes situations no problem for him. He gives out tips to his friends and is the leader who applies knowledge for adventures.
  • Mundi, an insect (possibly a ladybug) who is the smallest member of Team Doki. She is always seen alongside Otto when the seaplane has arrived on a different location. She is an intelligent mechanic.
  • Otto, the plane's captain. He is an anteater always having a relationship with Mundi.
  • Fico, an otter with a silly attitude. His personality is somewhat a cryptozoologist.
  • Anabella, an emotional pink flamingo in her preteen ages. She is curious than Doki. When it comes to anything beautiful or pretty, Anabella is very curious.
  • Gabi, an energetic goat and the grownup member of the group.

Episodic CharactersEdit

  • Li-Ann, the owner of the silk shop. She is a Siamese cat. She appeared in the episode "Silkworm".
  • Zeke, an armadillo who gives an advice about the hot air balloon.


The creatures are non-anthropomorphic animals that do not talk. Doki and his friends encounter many creatures that are either docile or hostile.

  • The anglerfish is an anglerfish encountered at the Mediterranean Sea. Although not anthropomorphic, the animal's character is a creature (which means it doesn't speak).
  • The Komodo dragon is a large lizard encountered on Komodo Island. It chased Fico around Komodo Island (thinking the monitor lizard is an actual dragon).
  • The stick insect is a sneaky insect that makes a buzzing noise. It is seen near the end of the episode "Hide and Seek".
  • The whales are blue whales found on the Great Barrier Reef. Team Doki played music and attracted the calf to its mother.